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Lesson 76: FMCG sales jobs and retail sales jobs

Everyone has their own idea of a retail sales job. Our mind instantly remembers that one person who follows you around the store asking you if you need anything when you simply want to look around. Though people don't really realize it but without sales jobs who would help us find that special item that we are looking for? Internet sales are taking a big portion away from the retail industry, but sometimes you need that special expertise and service that you simply can't get from clicking a computer button.

What is FMCG? This stands for fast moving consumer goods. This used to be known as the grocery industry. They have evolved beyond this. You as consumer determine what items are constantly sold by your purchases. These are the items that all the major stores have decided they must keep on their shelves at all times. These companies have specialized in the production, distribution, and marketing of consumer packed goods. These are billion dollar industries geared towards getting you to buy that something that you may or may not need. If something is no longer selling as well then they may come out with a new segment of that same product. Fat-free or low fat foods are a prime example.

Retail sales jobs require one to have a good attitude and don't mind dealing with the general public. You will likely be on your feet all day talking to customers and helping them with retail purchases. You don't have to have a college degree unless you are in a more managerial position. Stores will tend to hire more temporary retail workers around the Christmas holidays as they have a bigger clientele that shops for presents during that time of the year. The pay is usually hourly and may or may not include sales bonuses. These can be full or part time positions. One added bonuses is usually a discount on the items that are sold in the store you work for.

To work in the consumer sales segment you will need a four year college degree in management, or marketing. For some of the higher level positions you will also need an MBA and previous business experience dealing with consumer products. This industry is not known for large layoffs unless two industry giants are merging operations. It is motivated by profit margins, name brand slogans and television jingles. Many of the big companies are part of the Fortune 500. Sara lee, Nestle', Proctor and Gamble are a just a few.

If you are considering a sales job in the retail or FMCG industry make sure that you research the company prior to applying to learn about the different companies to discover which ones are more appealing to you. Network within the industry for job leads to improve your oddsreferral from someone that is currently working there you will stand out and have a good chance of getting the job. of getting hired. If you can get a


take away – to remove something

evolve - to develop gradually, or to cause something or someone to develop gradually

determine - to control or influence something directly, or to decide what will happen

gear toward - to design or organize something so that it is suitable for a particular purpose, situation or group of people

come out - if information or results come out, they are given to people

deal with - to take action in order to achieve something or in order to solve a problem

job lead - a piece of information which allows finding a job

layoff - when someone stops employing someone, sometimes temporarily, because there is no money to pay them or because there is no work for them

merging operations – joining together different processes

jingle - a short simple tune, often with words, which is easy to remember and is used to advertise a product on the radio or television

appealing - attractive or interesting

odds - the probability that a particular thing will or will not happen

referral - when you direct someone to a different place or person for information, help or action, often to a person or group with more knowledge or power


Read the text and answer the questions true or false:

1. With the internet sales on the rise, special expertise and service become simply unnecessary.

2. The grocery industry evolved into fast moving consumer goods industry.

3. Nowadays products that no longer sell must be kept on the shelves at all times.

4. Retail sales jobs do not require college degree except for executive positions.

5. The job in the consumer sales segment is rather stable provided industry giants are not merging.

6. The chances of getting hired in the FMCG industry increase if you get recommendations.



Read the text one more time and fill in the gaps with the missing words from the glossary:

1. The number of staff we can take on will be ………………………….. by how much money we're allowed to spend.

2. The doctor gave him a ………………… the consultant.

3. The company has ………………….. over the years into a multi-million dollar organization.

4. The idea of not having to get up early every morning is rather …………………….. to me.

5. The workshops are ………………….. towards helping people to become more employable.

6. How do you intend to ………………….. with this problem?

7. The recent economic crisis has led to massive …………………..

8. If you drive a car all your life, the …………………….. are that you'll have an accident at some point.


Find antonyms:

1. Evolve a) wholesale

2. Retail b) to be against

3. Do not mind c) off-putting

4. Temporary d) permanent

5. Appealing e) stagnate


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