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środa, 27 sierpnia 2008




When applying for a job a potential employee usually requests a CV and a LETTER OF MOTIVATION. Write a letter of motivation or a job cover letter, use the letter below as an example.


Dear Sirs, 

I am interested in working for a Tour Operator. I have knowledge of the way travel agencies work because of my professional experience in Spain and my degree in Tourism. 

I would like to have experience in a British environment to gain knowledge of the working style of a Tour Operator in England and also to improve my English. 

My professional experience in a travel agency is in selling by telephone, explaining the itinerary of a trip, the different choices of accommodation and finally the price. Afterwards, I contacted the office of the foreign country, by email, to book the trip and finally I confirmed that the trip is booked to the customer. I have also worked in the flight department to prepare the flight tickets and in the documentation department doing the vouchers for the customers. 

My main goals are learning how the business sells its product to its customers (by telephone and / or internet), how many services it offers for each product, what kind of hotels they work with, what the market target is, what the best strategy to decide a suitable price is, etc. 

I am not looking for a specific department; however, the marketing and sales department would be the most interesting for me. 

Thank you very much in advance for your help.  

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Yours sincerely, A.C. 

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